Vibration Analysis

Analysis of rotating machinery and structures pumps, motors, fans, gearboxes, compressors, mills, turbines, centrifuges, rolls, vertical machines, pedestals, and foundations. Single and multi-channel analysis available.

Laser Alignment

Precision laser alignment of shaft centerlines on motors, pumps, gearboxes, jack shafts, right angle drives, and multiple machines. Precision optical alignment for level and parallel to 1 arc-second.

Dynamic Balancing

Computerized balancing on-site fans, mixers, mills, pumps, centrifuges, rolls, etc. Custom balancing equipment.

Mechanical Integrity Inspection

A detailed inspection and measurement of critical values of various parameters that affect a machine’s ability to perform properly mechanically is fundamental to other corrective actions such as dynamic balancing, laser and optical shaft alignment, precision leveling, use or reuse of rotating machine elements and so on. Failure to correctly identify underlying problems in a mechanical integrity inspection often result in an inability to successfully apply corrective maintenance actions.


Trouble-Shooting and Mechanical Repairs

Troubleshooting and in-plant corrective service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Predictive Maintenance

VESCO Incorporated will collect and trend vibration data for critical machinery in a computerized database on a periodic basis to identify problems and predict when they are most likely to fail. Development of specifications for new and rebuilt machinery.

Acoustics & Noise Analysis

OSHA industrial and residential noise surveys, noise control assessments, hearing conservation programs and product noise reduction.

Finite Element Analysis

Computerized analysis for solving troublesome machinery problems and optimizing designs. In-depth analysis for vibration, stress, temperature, flow, pressure, modal shape, and more.

Electrical Motor Analysis

Motor problems are analyzed on-line under real loads for broken rotor bars, eccentricity, etc.

Custom Measurement Systems

Since 1989 VESCO had developed and installed a range of Custom Measurement Systems that include the latest sensing technology, signal conditioning, robust plant installation, high-speed analog and digital data acquisition, software, analysis, logging, reporting, control, and display of parameters for clients.